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3-Step Guide to Choosing the Best Greenhouse for Your Climate

If you had to choose a greenhouse today, how confident would you say you are in selecting the right one for your climate?

Most people have plenty of doubts when picking a greenhouse:

  • Is it going to protect my plants from harsh temperatures?
  • Will it withstand heavy snow loads?
  • Is it sturdy enough to face strong winds?
  • Will it last for many years under these conditions?

If these doubts are spinning in your head, don’t worry. In this article, you’ll learn the top 3 steps to consider when choosing the best greenhouse for your climate.

Let’s start.

Step 1: Understand The Different Materials

Different greenhouse materials provide different results.

Depending on your climate, there are distinct features you need in a greenhouse.

Tropical Climates:

A tent with poles and high-tensile steel wiring will be enough if your climate is mostly dry. Ensure you include an insect mesh.

A simple setup like this allows adequate airflow and prevents inner heat accumulation.

Subtropical Climates:

If your weather is not too challenging, but you’re still looking for a resistant greenhouse that helps you reach the perfect environment for your plants to grow, you can get a wood or glass greenhouse.

Make sure to add vents and heaters to control humidity and airflow during the summer and temperature during the cold months.

Cold Climates:

If you want to grow year-round in extreme climate conditions, find a heavy-duty backyard greenhouse with a strong base, sturdy frame and robust panels. We recommend long-lasting materials like polycarbonate and galvanized steel to ensure your structure resists the most complex weather.

Understanding different greenhouse types will be the first step to choosing the model that suits your climate.

Step 2: Identify The Wind Rating

What is the wind rating in your area? Knowing it is the first step to knowing how much wind your greenhouse structure must withstand.

  • If the wind load is less than 18 mph, your greenhouse structure may last some time without showing any wind damage.
  •  If the wind load goes from 19 to 38 mph, it’ll be crucial to have a strong greenhouse that protects your plants from outside weather, with a base firmly fixed to the ground.
  •  If the wind load goes from 39 to 54 mph, you’ll need a heavy-duty frame and sturdy panels that remain strong.
  • If the wind load goes beyond 55 mph, it’s possible that some trees and roofs are falling, and some structures will be torn apart. So you need a greenhouse especially designed to withstand such conditions.

At Nova Greenhouses, we only handpick greenhouse collections that guarantee durability against extreme weather events. For example, the Planta Sigma Collection withstands up to 65 mph.

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Step 3: Identify Snow Rating

How much snow do you get on average?

The answer will help you calculate how strong you need your greenhouse to be.

For example, extruded aluminum framing greenhouses tend to withstand 32 pounds per square foot (PSF). For areas with heavier snow loads, stronger frames will be needed.

American states like Massachusetts, North Dakota and Vermont can have up to 60 PSF, and Canadian provinces like Newfoundland & Labrador and Manitoba can face up to 2.3 – 3.3 kPa (50 – 69 psf).

Simply put, these areas need a greenhouse that can withstand long and extreme winters. To cope with the most challenging weather, we recommend the Planta Sungrow Collection, which withstands up to 75 PSF.

Top-Rated Greenhouses

Extend Your Spring with A Sturdy Backyard Greenhouse

Choosing the best greenhouse for your climate might be tricky, but following our recommendations will turn this task from hard to exciting.

To make this journey even easier for you, our team has scouted the world for the most stable, functional, and long-lasting greenhouses that withstand heavy snow loads, wind gusts, and sturdy materials guaranteeing years of growing.

Ready to find the ideal greenhouse for your backyard? Reach out to us!

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