5 Tips for Year-Round Growing in Your Greenhouse

5 Tips for Year-Round Growing in Your Greenhouse

Do you long for a beautiful garden that flourishes regardless of the weather outdoors?

If you said yes, then you’re in the right place.

Quality greenhouses are designed to support you through the seasons. The best ones will use heavy-duty materials and expert engineering to offer protection from extreme climates and help you extend your growing season.

While longer growing seasons are fantastic, many of our customers yearn to be in their gardens every day of the year. 

Well, with a bit of planning and a handful of helpful accessories – 4-season gardening can become a reality.

So today, let us walk you through our 5 tips for year-round growing in your greenhouse.

1. Choose Your Plants Carefully

Even though a greenhouse gives us the ability to essentially control the inside environment, it’s still beneficial to consider which plants will flourish depending on the outside weather.

Factors like temperature, humidity, and sunshine all come into play. But, unless you’re planning on fitting out your backyard greenhouse with heaters, misters, heavy-duty fans, and grow lights – your climate conditions are still a helpful reference when considering what you can grow and when.

For gardeners utilizing a basic greenhouse setup, we recommend selecting plants based on the season. For example:

This way, you can ensure that whatever you plant in your greenhouse garden will be set up for success, allowing you to comfortably grow year-round.

2. Keep Things Bright and Sunny

If you are a first-time greenhouse owner searching for the ideal area to build your structure, it is essential to pick a location that will receive full, unobstructed sunshine.

Why is this important?

Most plants require 3-6 hours of direct sunlight daily to grow as strong and healthy as possible. While this may seem simple during the summer, winter and the shoulder seasons present more of a challenge. 

To ensure your beloved plants are able to soak up each precious ray of sunshine at every point throughout the year, we recommend doing the following:

  • Monitor which area of your yard receives the most sunlight. This way, you have a rough idea of where your greenhouse should be situated.
  • Trim or remove any trees, bushes, and vines that could be obstructing sunlight from your greenhouse.
  • Learn all about what each of your plants needs to thrive. Some plants may need 6+ hours of sunlight each day, while others might need less than 3. Based on their requirements, you can place them in more suitable areas of your greenhouse.

3. Consider Adding a Heating Element

Additional insulation, mulch, or plant coverings are great ways to shield your garden from the cold throughout the winter. However, for those living in high-altitude areas or northern regions with long, frosty winters – you may need a little extra help.

For greenhouse gardeners in these areas wanting to grow 12 months out of the year, we suggest purchasing a compact heater. 

Most greenhouse heaters are small yet mighty – producing enough heat to keep your greenhouse garden protected from the increased risk of frost in these challenging climates. 

A handy heater, combined with a quality thermometer, will allow you to monitor the temperature and guarantee that the interior environment is ideal for your garden to flourish all year long.

4. Don’t Forget to Ventilate Regularly

When we’re so fixated on having an insulated, air-tight greenhouse, it’s easy to forget that we need to have consistent air circulation.

To maintain a healthy greenhouse garden for 4-seasons each year, we highly recommend investing in multiple ventilation windows and a high-quality fan. Not only will this help cool down the temperature in the summer, but it will also help circulate old, stale air in the winter.

The truth is that moisture levels can quickly build up without regular airflow, causing your plants to suffocate from the intense humidity. 

Remember – your plants are living, breathing organisms and need some fresh air from time to time too.

5. Clean Your Greenhouse Every Season

Throughout the year, your greenhouse can become quite cluttered. Things like soil, gardening tools, pots, and more, can quickly accumulate and create a mess that seems never-ending.

Unfortunately, an unclean greenhouse setup can make it challenging to successfully grow 4 seasons out of the year.


  • Insects will be attracted to the mess
  • It’s difficult to find what you need
  • Seasonal preparation will be a hassle

The best way to combat this is by creating a consistent cleaning schedule. We recommend blocking out a few hours every 3 months to do a deep clean and prepare your greenhouse for the upcoming season.

This way, you can ensure you have everything required to successfully grow your new-season garden and give your plants the tidy environment they deserve.

Grow All Year With a 4-Season Greenhouse

While these tips are a fantastic starting point, they’ll be much more effective if used in combination with a reliable, weather-resistant greenhouse. 

At Nova Greenhouses, we only sell products that we believe in. Every greenhouse available on our website has undergone extensive testing and is guaranteed to stay standing for years to come.

So what are you waiting for? Shop our selection of handpicked greenhouses and embark on your year-round growing journey today.

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