The Ultimate Summer Greenhouse Growing Guide

The Ultimate Summer Greenhouse Growing Guide

Are you curious how to get the most out of your summer greenhouse?

Imagine transforming it into a lush, thriving paradise, even during the hottest months. With the right tips and techniques, you can make your greenhouse the envy of every gardener.

In this guide, we share expert advice on cultivating a bountiful summer garden. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, these insights will set you on the path to success

Ready to get started? Read on and discover the secrets to a successful summer greenhouse!

1. Prepare Your Greenhouse for Summer

Getting your greenhouse summer-ready is the first step towards a bountiful season. Follow these simple tips to ensure your plants thrive in the warm months ahead:

  1. Clean and Declutter: Remove old plants, dead leaves, and debris. Don’t forget to clean the windows to maximize sunlight!
  2. Check Ventilation: Ensure vents and fans are in good working order. Proper airflow is crucial for maintaining ideal temperatures during the hot summer months.
  3. Inspect for Pests: Warmer temperatures and increased humidity can create an ideal environment for pests and diseases to thrive. Inspect your greenhouse to prevent infestations that can quickly spread and damage your plants.
  4. Add Fertilizers: Refresh the soil in your beds and pots by adding compost or a balanced fertilizer to replenish nutrients before the summer.

By taking these steps, you create a healthy environment for your summer plants. A well-prepared greenhouse sets the stage for a productive and enjoyable growing season!


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2. Choose the Right Summer Plants

Now comes the fun part: selecting the perfect greenhouse plants for your summer planting! Here are some top choices for a vibrant and productive garden:

  • Tomatoes: These sun-loving plants thrive in the warmth of summer. For a beautiful tomato greenhouse, choose indeterminate varieties and get a full harvest throughout the season
  • Peppers: Both sweet and hot peppers flourish in the summer heat. They add color and flavor to your garden and kitchen!
  • Cucumbers: Fast-growing and productive, cucumbers are perfect for summer. Pick disease-resistant varieties to ensure a healthy crop.
  • Basil: This fragrant herb loves the sun and can grow prolifically in a herb greenhouse. Remember to harvest regularly to encourage bushy growth and abundant leaves.

Selecting summer-friendly plants will make the most of your greenhouse during the hot months. You'll enjoy a bountiful and diverse harvest all summer long with the right choices. 


Images from Planta Greenhouses’ customers.

3. Optimize Your Summer Plant Care Routine

Ensuring your summer plants receive the best care is key to a thriving greenhouse garden. Follow these essential tips to keep your plants happy and healthy:

  • Watering: Water plants early in the morning or late in the evening to reduce evaporation and ensure plants absorb the moisture they need.
  • Mulching: Apply a layer of mulch around your plants to retain soil moisture, regulate temperature, and suppress weeds.
  • Pruning: Regularly trim and prune your plants! This encourages healthy growth, increases air circulation, and helps prevent disease.
  • Feeding: Use a balanced fertilizer to provide necessary nutrients during summer. For instance, feed your tomatoes with a fertilizer high in potassium and phosphorus to support fruit development.
  • Pest Control: Monitor for pests and take action promptly. Use organic treatments as needed to protect your plants from damage.

Caring for your plants with these practices will promote a lush and productive summer garden. Proper care enhances growth and ensures you enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Images from Planta Greenhouses’ customers.

4. Monitor the Environment for Optimal Growth

Keep a close eye on these key environmental factors to ensure optimal growth during the hottest months of the year: 

  • Temperature: Keep the temperature between 70-85°F for most summer plants, and adjust ventilation or shading as needed.
  • Humidity: Use tools like hygrometers, fans, or misters to maintain humidity levels between 50% and 70%.
  • Light: Ensure your plants get adequate sunlight or supplemental lighting. Rotate them if necessary!
  • Airflow: Proper air circulation helps prevent mold and disease. Use fans and vents to promote steady airflow.
  • Soil Moisture: Regularly check soil moisture and adjust your watering schedule to keep the soil moist.

By closely monitoring these environmental factors, you can create the perfect conditions for your summer plants to thrive. 

Embrace the Joy of Summer Greenhouse Gardening

Now you're ready to enjoy the most beautiful summer garden! 

By carefully preparing your greenhouse and selecting the right plants, you set the stage for a bountiful harvest. Implement these expert tips and watch your plants flourish. 

Ready to start your summer greenhouse garden? Explore our gardening guides and DIY greenhouse kits to pave the way for a colorful, abundant harvest!

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