Our Top 5 Criteria for Selecting The Best Backyard Greenhouses

Our Top 5 Criteria for Selecting The Best Backyard Greenhouses

At Nova Greenhouses, we’re proud to handpick the best greenhouses from top brands to help our customers bring their gardening projects to life. But when it comes to selecting the perfect greenhouse – what exactly are we looking for?

Each product we offer must meet our strict 5-step criteria to ensure that you only receive the most reliable products available on the market. Our goal is that your Nova Greenhouse will reignite your love for gardening and be the beginning of a beautiful, life-long growing project.

Are you ready to learn more? Today, we’ll share exactly what we look for when choosing the ideal greenhouse.

1. Be Wind Resistant

We can guarantee that every greenhouse on our website is manufactured with the highest quality materials. This helps us ensure they’ll be as solid and durable as possible when facing stormy winds.

Many of our handpicked models resist winds of up to 65 mph (100 km/h), making them ideal for breezy areas as they’ll keep your crops safe and protected.

How does this work? For example, our Sungrow 26 Greenhouse features a curved bell shape that makes them smooth and streamlined, allowing wind to flow over the structure. In addition, the strong and heavy-duty polycarbonate panels can withstand strong winds while keeping your greenhouse insulated.

2. Remain Strong Under Heavy Snow Loads

Heavy snow loads are the ultimate test for greenhouses. Flimsy structures can collapse under the weight or even affect the growth of your plants due to freezing temperatures.

Our heavy-duty greenhouses can hold up to 360 kg / m² of snow, depending on the model. Remember the bell shape we told you about? It also allows snow to slip off the surface rather than accumulating and causing structural damage.

For example, our Sungrow 32 Greenhouse withstands snow loads up to 6 feet (75 psf), making it perfect for harsh winter climates.

3. Be Made of Quality Materials

We don’t mess around with low-quality products made from cheap materials. Instead, we’ve scouted the world for the most stable, functional, and long-lasting greenhouses and handpicked the best ones. We want you to enjoy them for years and ensure your crops stay safe and grow strong.

Most of our greenhouses are built with 6mm double-walled polycarbonate and a sturdy galvanized steel frame, which are rust-resistant and maintenance-free for year-round growing.

4. Incorporate Modern and Useful Design

The greenhouses we select provide cozy warmth and reliable protection while looking great in your open areas, even when your spaces are limited.

Besides looking nice, their design must meet 3 parameters:

  • Structure
    The greenhouses that pass our selection process have a structure focused on safety, reliability, and insulation. This ensures your greenhouse can offer shelter to your garden for years to come.

  • Customization
    We believe that all greenhouses should allow for customization to be scalable and adaptable to your projects and future plans. This is why the greenhouses in our selection will enable you to extend their size or add an extra window.

  • Appearance
    Because you shouldn’t sacrifice looks for quality when you can have them both! Our greenhouses are durable, sturdy and look fabulous in your backyard.

5. Affordable Pricing

Investing in a greenhouse should no longer be a headache. That's why we have a wide variety of models whose price ranges vary so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Our team works hard to find extraordinary backyard greenhouses at reasonable price points so that nothing will stop you from starting or improving your gardening plans.

Are you searching for something affordable, to begin with? Then, take a look at our Sungrow Compact Greenhouse.

A Selection Process That Guarantees Your Satisfaction

We know that a low-quality hobby greenhouse can cause many problems, for example:

  • Letting in cold air and damaging all of your hard work when the winter months arrive.
  • Collapsing under heavy snow loads or strong winds.
  • Forcing you to spend more money by having to buy another model in a short period of time.

At Nova Greenhouses, we have a rigorous evaluation process to ensure that all the products we offer meet the highest quality standards.

So regardless of whether you are a rookie gardener who wants to start experimenting with new plants or if you are an expert grower, at Nova Greenhouses, you'll only find quality greenhouse models that will perfectly match your goals and your spaces.

Are you ready to get started? Send us a message or start exploring our greenhouse collection today!

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