Sungrow Roof Vent

Sungrow Roof Vent

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Please note: this window only fits the Sungrow Greenhouse models.

The Planta Sungrow Roof Vent is an excellent addition to any Sungrow Greenhouse. It will promote airflow and improve ventilation, both necessary for healthy plant development and disease management.
The number of recommended windows depends on the size of the greenhouse, the climate and growing zone you’re located, and the variety of plants you’re hoping to grow. However, the following figures are a rough guideline:

  • Sungrow Compact (10x6.5): 0-2 windows
  • Sungrow Urban (10x13): 2-4 windows
  • Sungrow 20 (10x20): 4-6 windows
  • Sungrow 26 (10x26): 6 windows
  • Sungrow 32 (10x32): 6-8 windows

For effective circulation, we suggest that you install an even number of roof vents on each side of the greenhouse.

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