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Wally 32 – Fixed Wall Hydroponic Gardening System

Wally 32 – Fixed Wall Hydroponic Gardening System

Approx Size: Height: 122 cm (48") Diameter 48.5cm (19")

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Transform a simple wall into a sanctuary for growing delicious and natural fruits and vegetables every day. The possibilities are endless with the Wally 32 – the hydroponic system that makes the most of your spaces to elevate the experience of growing your own food.


  • Removable trench cover for easy cleaning and convenient root pruning.
  • Keeps a minimum water level that protects your plants against power outages.
  • Wide root channels that allow for long-term growth and continuous harvesting.
  • Made of BPA-free, food-grade plastic for ultimate weather resistance and healthy plant growth.
  • Easy assembly with household tools for quick installation and smooth operation.
  • Option to connect to a permanent faucet for automatic water filling that saves you time.
  • Suitable for growing large fruits & vegetables like eggplant, pepper, cucumber, zucchini and watermelon.
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Turn Your Wall Into a Lush Garden

The Wally 32 hydroponic system is the perfect solution for smart home growing. This unique system is designed for gardeners of all levels or anyone who wants to grow their own food and bring a slice of nature into their home. The best part is that you can enjoy growing an endless supply of fresh produce without sacrificing space or having a large garden area.

The creative design will allow you to grow a large number of greens, fruits and vegetables on a wall, fence or stand – using minimal space and delivering maximum efficiency. In addition, the Wally 32 hydroponic system doesn’t require soil or chemical sprays, meaning healthier food and no mess in your space.

How The Wally 32 Works

The Wally 32 works with the NFT hydroponic method. This system pumps water and fertilizer from a central reservoir into the growth canals. This water solution then makes its way back to the reservoir in a closed circuit that’s continuously moving and feeding your plants with valuable nutrients. Once a week, fill the reservoir with water and fertilizer – and that’s it!

The plants you grow in the Wally 32 will greatly benefit from the nutrients, moisture and oxygen in the system, all while saving a significant amount of water and fertilizer. This way, your plants will be healthier and grow faster without needing to spend any more time, energy, or money on your garden.

For best results, ensure your Wally 32 garden receives at least 5 hours of direct sunlight daily.

What's Included?

The Wally 32 hydroponic system includes the following:

15-litre water tank with lid
Compensation float for automatic water filling
4 square trenches(100x100mm), with 1.35 m length and a removable coverwith 8 planting openings and glued caps
Connectors and accessories

Electric water pumpwith a one-year warranty
8 white metal hangersFeed pipewith a flow rate regulating valve
32 mesh cups

32 neoprene plugsfor plant stabilization and light sealing
Hydroponic assembly & maintenance guide