Building a Backyard Greenhouse: 6 Essential Considerations

Building a Backyard Greenhouse: 6 Essential Considerations

Dreaming of a lush, year-round garden? A backyard greenhouse kit might be just the magic your green thumb needs!

Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting, a greenhouse offers a cozy and manageable home for your plants, shielding them from the elements while letting in all that glorious sunlight. 

But before you dive into building your plant paradise, there are a few essential considerations to keep in mind to ensure your greenhouse project blossoms into success.

1. Choose the Right Greenhouse for Your Climate

Selecting the right greenhouse for your climate is critical. Choose a structure with a durable frame, like galvanized pipe or steel, and double-walled polycarbonate panels for enhanced insulation and strength. Always verify that the greenhouse can handle your local weather, paying close attention to wind resistance and snow load. Here are some sturdy options to consider:

  • The Planta Sungrow: Resists winds up to 65 mph (100 km/h) and supports snow loads up to 6 feet (75 psf).
  • The Planta Sigma: Also withstands winds up to 65 mph and snow loads up to 3 feet (32 psf).
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2. Consider Size, Location, and Orientation

Picking the perfect spot for your greenhouse involves balancing size with a suitable location. Choose a size that can bring your gardening dreams to life yet fits neatly in your garden. Our range includes everything from cozy 6.5ft models to spacious 32ft ones, ensuring an ideal match for every yard.

Sunshine plays a key role, too. Choose a location soaked in sunlight, as it's vital for plants to thrive. If year-round gardening is your goal, orienting the greenhouse with its roof ridge running east-west ensures maximum light during winter’s short days.

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3. Decide on a Greenhouse Base

The next step is choosing your greenhouse foundation. Consider your greenhouse size, design preferences, and practical needs to find the best fit. Here are the main options to guide your selection:

  • Earth Base: Great for small greenhouses; larger structures may require some concrete for stability.
  • Concrete Base: Long-lasting and highly durable; however, it may require expert installation.
  • Wooden Base: Brings a rustic, natural charm; does require more upkeep than other options.
  • Perimeter Base: Constructed around the greenhouse's edge; can be raised for extra headroom and easier access.
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4. Add Features for Climate Control

Now for the fun part—customizing your greenhouse! Ventilation windows are a must to keep your green residents cool and comfortable. An automatic opener can be a game-changer for those hot days when you're not around.

Expand your climate control with shade cloths for delicate plants, and consider heaters and coolers to regulate temperature throughout the year. An automated watering system is also a great addition, ensuring your plants stay hydrated without constant manual intervention, making your gardening experience more efficient and enjoyable.

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5. Design the Interior for Optimal Growth

Inside your greenhouse is where the magic happens. Optimizing your greenhouse's interior is crucial for plant growth and ease of maintenance.

  • Garden Beds: Arrange your plants in garden beds to keep things tidy and manageable.
  • Shelves: Maximize your space by adding shelves for your tools and smaller plants - a great way to stay organized.
  • Hydroponic Systems: If you're tight on space, a hydroponic system can be a game-changer, letting you grow more with less.

Remember to leave enough room to move around comfortably. A well-planned layout with clear paths makes your greenhouse productive and a joy to work in.

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6. Planning Your Assembly

Ready, set, build! Well, almost. Check the forecast for a calm, clear day to begin the build. Gather your tools, materials, and maybe a friend or two for an extra pair of hands.

Every greenhouse we provide includes a detailed installation guide and extra help from the brand, like instructional videos and handy mobile apps. If you have any questions, always make sure to reach out. The goal is to have a smooth assembly process so you can get to the best part—gardening!

Images from Planta Greenhouses’ customers.

Kickstart Your Backyard Greenhouse Build

Building a backyard greenhouse is an exciting journey that brings you closer to nature and extends your gardening possibilities. By considering size, location, climate, and design, you're laying the groundwork for a thriving garden sanctuary.

So, roll up your sleeves, draft your plan, and get ready to watch your gardening dreams grow, rain or shine, all year round!

Ready to get started? Explore our resource library for greenhouse gardening tips, or browse our selection of backyard greenhouse kits from top brands.

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