9 Greenhouse Accessories to Enhance Your Gardening Experience

9 Greenhouse Accessories to Enhance Your Gardening Experience

You have brilliant gardening plans and we’re eager to see them thriving. 

Using accessories can help you be more successful with your gardening project. Let’s explore accessories that will help you make this adventure more enjoyable and achieve terrific results.

Let’s dive into the top 9 greenhouse accessories you’ll need to enhance your gardening goals.

1. Ventilation Windows

Rooftop windows are a must to help the air circulate during the hottest months. Extra ventilation will help your plants grow healthier and faster. 

According to their opening mechanism, there are two windows you can choose from:

2. Heaters

Heaters are your plants’ best ally during the coldest months.

Greenhouse heaters help ensure that growing conditions remain year-round, so your plants won’t stop thriving when winter hits. Heaters also increase air circulation.

When choosing a heater for your greenhouse, ensure it’s made with state-of-the-art technology that avoids energy waste and distributes temperature consistently.

Greenhouse Heater

3. Thermometer

A thermometer will allow you to keep track of the temperature and humidity in your greenhouse, so your plants won’t suffer in case of a sudden change of weather.

Thermometers give you a green or red light to know when exactly you must take action to provide extra ventilation or heat to your crops.

4. Shelf

If you want to make the most out of your greenhouse space, shelves are great for extra growing space without taking any from your floor.

Reasons why shelves are helpful accessories for your greenhouse:

  • Your plants will be better organized.
  • Are great for placing gloves, hand tools, seeds, etc.
  • You can separate the pots you want to pay close attention to.
  • Tend to be easy to install.

To ensure your shelves will be long-lasting, go for durable materials like galvanized metal.

 Greenhouse Shelf

5. Garden Beds

If you’re looking for accessories to plan your greenhouse setup, garden beds (or raised beds) are a clever choice.

Benefits of having garden beds in your greenhouse:

  • Keeps the soil warm.
  •  Helps you to avoid tilling the ground or pulling an unwanted weed.
  • Easy to place inside or outside your greenhouse and move when needed.
  • Enhance drainage and prevent pests.

To ensure your garden beds will be long-lasting, go for durable materials like galvanized steel.

6. Hydroponic Systems

Imagine growing up to 40 plants in a nook inside your greenhouse. It sounds impossible, but you can save this much space with hydroponic systems

Choose among towers, wall-fixed, bucket and standing kits according to the available room and the type of plants you want to grow.

This is a pro-level way to optimize greenhouse space and enhance food production. 

Hydroponic Systems for Greenhouses

7. Shade Cloth

Do you want to keep your plants cool and shaded during summer? A shade cloth protects your plants from extreme heat and UV radiation. It’s also a huge help in avoiding insects, bugs and pests.

When choosing your shade cloth, go for durable materials that guarantee your garden is always protected, healthy and happy, like high-density water-permeable polyethylene.

8. Irrigation System

Get an irrigation system to keep your plants from receiving too little or too much water.

Benefits of having irrigation systems in your greenhouse:

  • Improve water distribution evenly.
  • Enhance crop production.
  • Help to reach the ideal growing conditions.
  • Can be controlled according to your plants’ needs.
  • Reduce water waste.

9. Exhaust Fan

Get an exhaust fan to maximize air circulation, control the temperature in your greenhouse, let fresh air in to help your crops grow, and keep pests out.

The humidity level in your greenhouse will vary over the year, so choose a corrosion-resistant material to ensure your fan will last for years.

Exhaust Fan for Greenhouses


Choose Top-Rated Accessories to Boost Your Greenhouse’s Efficiency

Having a greenhouse is the first step to taking your gardening project to the next level, but choosing your accessories wisely will help increase your plants’ yield.

At Nova Greenhouses, we want to help you reach your gardening goals. That’s why we handpicked some of the most useful accessories to help gardeners grow more and better.

If you have any doubts or want to talk to our team, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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